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Sustainable Air Travel Could Happen, Although the Options are Challenging. Discover Magazine. 2024.

This startup pitched cricket protein bars on Shark Tank. Now, they’re taking on a whole new industry. Fast Company. 2024.

Could a Landfill Power Your Home?
Reasons to be Cheerful. 2024.

Battling Big Ag in Iowa. Blue Dot Living. 2024.

The Fight for Dairy Diversity in Public Schools. Ambrook Research. 2024.

Vegetables are losing their nutrients. Can the decline be reversed? 
The Guardian. 2024.

This Lithium Mine May Launch the U.S. to Battery Dominance.
The Daily Beast. 2024.

Mexico is treating corn from the U.S. as a threat. Here's why. National Geographic. 2024.

The 3D-Printed Affordable Housing of the Future Will Be Recyclable, Reasons to be Cheerful. 2024.

Recycling Building Debris With Fungus, Blue Dot Living. 2024.

New York will plant thousands of trees using new tech to maximize foliage impact, The Guardian. 2023.

This Oakland housing project is being built with mushroom roots, Fast Company. 2023.
The food industry is all in on regenerative agriculture. Can farmers be convinced?, Agriculture Dive. 2023.

A Cinderella Story for Ugly Fruits, Blue Dot Living. 2023.

How deep-sea mining for EV components could wipe out certain fish, Fast Company. 2023.

This fish filet will be grown in a lab and 3D-printed before it ends up on your plate, 
Fast Company. 2023.

Guadalajara: The Mexican City Known for Art, Rodeo, and Tequila, Going. 2023.

Demystifying the US Farm Bill, Modern Farmer. 2023.

Grain Farming Goes Indoors, Modern Farmer. 2023.

8 Must-see Austin destinations and how to visit, Viator. 2022. 

Spooky movies filmed in the Hudson Valley, Times Union. 2022.

Where to find the best apple pies in the Hudson Valley, Times Union. 2022.

Cultivating gourmet mushrooms for local restaurants, Times Union. 2022.

10 Top Tips for Planning a Camping Trip in the US
, Viator. 2022.

How to Grow and Cook with Mushrooms at Home
, Earth911. 2022.

HelloFresh Review: Everything to Know About the Popular Meal Delivery Service, Thrillist, 2022.

Best Shows on Hulu Right Now, Flixed. 2022.

The Five Best Documentaries on Hulu Right Now, Flixed. 2022.

Beginners Guide to Austin, Texas, Medium. 2021.

Innovation In The Face of Crisis: Eleanor Turner Launches Sustainable Clothing Line, Scarlette Magazine. 2020.

It's The Little Things That Matter, Scarlette Magazine. 2020. 

A Sustainable Thanksgiving: How To Reduce Your Thanksgiving Food Waste, EarthHero. 2020.

#Basic But Better: 12 Sustainable Brands and Products for a Festive Fall, EarthHero. 2020.

Hotline Calls Spike During Stay-At-Home Orders, The Ohio State University College of Social Work. 2020. 

The Impact of National Refugee Cuts on Franklin County, Ohio, Medium. 2020.

Thrifting: Mind Over Material, Scarlette Magazine. 2019.

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