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Environmentalism Or Mindless Consumption? A Choice

For a long time (like over a year), the same note has laid dormant on my to-do list, so old that it’s almost gotten stale but the relevance hasn’t faded and so it’s about time I get to it.

I'm on a mission to dissect each of the products I purchase, between toothpaste and makeup to dish soap and linens, and as they make their way from my hands to the garbage, take an extra few minutes to research what exactly was even in them, and where they go after I take my trash out.

This idea has been perpetually pushed to the sidelines mostly because of my master procrastination abilities, but also because of what a daunting task it is to actually learn where our “stuff” comes from and where it goes after us. It’s easier to thoughtlessly consume what is shiny to our eyes and satisfying for a moment in time. But in a society that is sitting upon a throne of disposable goods, fake news and crumbling public welfare systems, it seems grossly hypocritical to be a humanitarian or environmentalist and not be actively engaged in each choice I make as a consumer. Because consumption is a pillar of human rights, health, environmental activism, and on the counter: oppression, a global health crisis and environmental degradation, it’s about time that I make this an active priority in my life and share my learnings as I go. Alright, time to go to research toothpaste. Ttyl

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